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Artwork from age 10 to 12

Artwork from age 13 to 18, 2008- 2012. 

Age 10-12

Age 13 to 18

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Artwork from age 19, 2013

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Since Sept 2016-Current Date

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The Skat Players 2014

This painting is a parity of Otto Dix's image The Skat Players from 1920. Dix's image represents Generals and war Commanders from World War 2 playing a card game together. My image is a modern day take using the current conflict of Isis. The iPad's on the mens faces display images I found from news reports. Located in the centre of the composition is a suicide bomber, a news paper with the headline "Je suis Charlie" sits on the table. 14" x 11", acrylic on canvas, 2014, $200