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Original painting, 8" x 10" acrylic paint and natural earth pigment paint on wooden palette. 

This painting Pink Ginger Flower is apart of the first collection in my (Her)balism project. My (Her)balism project is a story of a women empowering herself through her relationship to plants and art. I was incredibly ill for the better part of a year, and holistic natural medicine really pulled through to heal my body. The experience influenced me to start learning herbalism with Commonwealth Herbs and that’s how the (Her)balism project was born.  I’m getting to know new healing plants and creating visual artworks to process my experience. Join to watch all my (Her)balism experiments and time-lapse videos of my art. 


Here is also my Monograph for Ginger!!


GingerZingiber officinale

hot, dry, relaxant

Taste: pungent, aromatic, spicy

Family: Zingiberaceae

Medicinal parts: rhizome

Actions: stimulant, carminative, rubefacient, diffusive, relaxant, antispasmodic, stomachic, antiemetic, anodyne, emmenagogue, diaphoretic

Affinities: digestive, circulatory, and reproductive systems

Medicinal application