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Now connect with me through original art videos 


From June 1st, 2020 to August 31st, 2020 I'll be sharing lapse videos documenting the painting process of a new, original local British Columbia to share on Instagram TV (IGTV) 

Original Art Videos to Soothe, Inspire and Educate.


    My artistic practice has focused on connecting with my local community through showcases and exhibitions until the pandemic largely put a stop to my ability to show in local, in person galleries. Original Art Videos to Soothe, Inspire and Educate aims to produce weekly time lapse videos documenting the process of painting an original, locally inspired landscape painting while allowing viewers to listen in to my insights and perspectives through voiceover dialogue. Over the course of three months, I aim to produce thirteen videos approximately 10 minutes in length with voiceover description focusing on different topics, ranging from my own artistic perspective, techniques used, and how focusing on local art has shaped my personal style over my years of experience.The artwork will be a 2ft x 3ft mixed media landscape painting to celebrate the natural beauty of British Columbia. These videos will be shared with my following via IGTV, with the potential for a final, higher quality, longer format video to start my YouTube channel of similar nature to my existing Instagram content. Emerging artists such as myself must adapt during these times to find new ways to keep arts and culture accessible to the public. Creating time lapses of the artistic process, rather than exclusively sharing the completed work (as I have focused on in the past) allows for online viewers to take a peek into the world of art production, which I feel will be both soothing and inspiring for my viewers who may be struggling to find forms of healthy, educational entertainment during these difficult times. I envision my content to showcase the beautiful process of translating the awe and wonder of the natural environment around me into a painting, which I hope will inspire my viewers to both appreciate their own natural environments in a healing way, and attempt to following along with my process in hopes of inspiring them to appreciate or create art in a new way.