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   My (Her)balism project is a story of a women empowering herself through her relationship to plants and art. I was incredibly ill for the better part of a year, and holistic natural medicine really pulled through to heal my body. The experience influenced me to start learning herbalism with Commonwealth Herbs and that’s how the (Her)balism project was born. Each month I’m getting to know a new herb and creating visual artworks to process my experience. 

   Become a Patron @ patreon/myrandastormstudios and watch all my time-lapse art videos, extended and slowed, as well as (Her)balism videos of my healing story and medicine making experiments. To follow along with my art practice and watch sneak peaks of my videos for free, you can find me @ Instagram / Tiktok 

   As I start to get to know each herb and learn from my course work and experiences, I make mixed media artwork. These mixed media paintings are a reimagined monograph (an herbalist’s summary of a particular plant). I’ll juxtapose a textual summary of the medical qualities of the herb with a depiction of it. I’ll be selling these Materia Medica Monographs as prints on my website, and I hope to create an art book of them in the future. I wanted to tell a story from my personal experience and this art concept has allowed me to do just that. It is a bridge between my interests of health, environmentalism, spirituality and feminism. I see it as a green witch trying to find her footing and a seasoned artist transforming into an art witch. 

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